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Graphite lends itself beautifully to portraiture. Although, an accurate likeness is my initial aim the portrait will only be ready when there is that extra something coming through. Towards the finishing stages of the portrait, I feel as though I am sculpting rather than drawing. I love this stage of the portrait. 


I look for that individual characteristic/look and hope to catch something that the owner will recognise as unique to their pet.   


My first encounter with art was through  illustration. I  still have and treasure two favourite illustrated books from my childhood - Treasure Island illustrated by Josef Hochman and Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales illustrated by Jiri Trnka. The colour plates are gorgeous and still inspire. 


The first thing I was ever drawn to paint was the sea and it still draws me. I like it's none static nature , it's like painting music, full of movement and emotion. Painting the sea is almost a form of meditation and very instinctual. 

I may look in wonder at a landscape but will rarely reproduce what I see exactly but more what I feel.

The paint has its own language and I tend to respect and listen to what it's telling me as it hits the canvas. It may not be what I expected.