Testimonial letters

The letters below are copied from handwritten letters or emails received from clients.


1.  ' It has arrived.
       I picked up the mail today and discovered your amazing portrait. 
       The artist has captured the true essence of you! When I look at it,
       it feels as though we are engaged in conversation and that you            
       are much closer. I love it!' 
        Andrea Le Blan  

2.   'what a lovely pencil portrait of yourself. The artist has fully captured you.
       I can hear your voice and listen to your smile as your words are spoken.
       I am truly grateful and you will keep me company in        
       the sewing room. 
       Linda Doll ( a quilter)

3.    They arrived and look phenomenal! Thank you so much.

4.    Dear Celia,
       I have received the portraits and they are beautiful thank you so much.

5.    ...your amazing portrait. Jenny, it is a truly wonderful portrait.
        I can't believe someone drew it  and captured the absolute likeness 
        so accurately.  I like it better than a photo. 

6.       Dear Celia


          Thank you so much for the wonderful portrait of my granddaughter. 

           It is quite amazing and I never expected it to be such a size!

          It is an extremely good likeness and we are all delighted with it.

          I have joined an art group this year and am an extremely keen

          water colour painter. 


          My very best wishes.


          Thank you again.


           Kindest regards